Articles of Association

1. It shall be the sole and unique objective of ARS to serve visual artists, be it through monitoring and policing of their works, protecting and expanding their rights, issuing licenses for their works where deemed desirable by the artist, collecting funds resulting from such licenses, and distributing them to artists on a semi-annual basis.

2. Any American artist can become a member of ARS without regard to gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, or level of artistry.

3. There shall be no initiation fee for membership in ARS, nor an annual dues for same.

4. ARS shall maintain an active list of its members, and make their names available publicly

5. ARS may represent foreign artists in its territory of the United States, provided it enters into a reciprocal agreement with a foreign sister society, in which case that society may reciprocally represent the ARS repertory in its territory.

6. ARS shall be the subject of directives from its sister societies in regard to the handling of that society’s members in its territory, and the said foreign society shall respond to instructions concerning ARS members in its territory.

7. In all cases, ARS shall abide by the wishes of the artist member, and will subject all commercial and most editorial uses to the artist for his/her prior review and approval. A sole exception shall be the inside editorial use of a member’s work in a publication, provided the said publication is not a monograph of the artist’s work. A monograph shall be defined as anything more than 30% of the illustrations in a given publication. All book and magazine covers, regardless of the contents of the publication, must be subject to the artist’s prior review and approval.

8. ARS shall maintain its full membership in the Confederation Internationale des Societes d’Auteurs et Compositeurs (CISAC), and shall function as a Collective Management Organization under its aegis. It shall attend its annual General Assembly, and participate in the various committees designed to further the rights of creators.

9. ARS shall provide gratis legal services for its artist members, undertaken by its counsel, provided the issue in question concerns intellectual property rights. There shall be no charge to the artist member for such service.

10. There shall be no discrimination between rights holders.

11. ARS will work for the abolition of the formal requirements of registration and notice that are imposed by the U.S. Copyright Office, in violation of Article 18 of the Berne Convention which eschews such formalities, which thereby deprive artists of their copyrights and project them into the public domain.

12. ARS Board shall consist of artist members of ARS who shall overview its operations.

13. ARS shall protect the rights of publicity and the rights of personality of its members, and shall license the same on behalf of the artist when and where the jurisdiction allows, and subject in all cases to the prior review and approval of the artist.

14. ARS will strive for the adoption of the Droit de Suite in the United States, and shall maintain a Washington counsel and lobbyist for that purpose.

15. ARS will strive to expand the moral rights of artists in the United States, which vary among the  States, and which are presently inadequate under Federal Law.