The benefits of becoming an ARS member artist.

You deserve fair compensation when your artwork is reproduced. Membership is free with no annual dues. Please follow the below links for a more in-depth look at each of our benefits of membership.



Licensing Expertise

With 30+ years of experience in the artwork licensing field, we know the going rates and proper practices for any reproduction of your artwork. >OUR EXPERIENCE  

Legal Support

Has your artwork been reproduced without your permission? Our team is available to all member artists to discuss options.  >LEARN MORE

Global Representation

Our network of worldwide rights societies ensures your work is protected around the globe.  >WHERE EXACTLY?

Advocacy for Artists' Rights

We are committed to strengthening artists' rights in the United States. We work with lobbyists and other organizations to fight for real change.  >PAST & CURRENT EFFORTS  

Strength in Numbers

Whether you are well-known or just starting out, it makes sense to become a member. Do you represent the estate of a deceased artist? We can help you too. >VIEW OUR MOST REQUESTED MEMBERS