Interested in membership with ARS?

Artists can receive requests for the use of their work from many different industries. It might be an educational textbook, an advertising campaign, a feature film, or a poster. Requests for the use of your artwork have artistic, legal, and financial consequences. ARS can help you navigate the rights process by clearing permission for the legitimate reproduction of your art, according to your wishes and instructions. 

There are no membership fees or annual dues. Revenues received by ARS from reproduction and license fees are then paid out to our member artists semi-annually along with a report outlining the usage.  ARS retains a standard percentage to cover administrative costs. All additional services provided by ARS, such as lobbying, policing and prevention, we do at our own expense, with no cost to our members.

If you consider yourself a trade illustrator or an artist that does work for hire, you may wish to join as a member for secondary rights only. For more information about membership as a published illustrator, please find more information here.

Please do bear in mind that ARS is not an agent and does not promote the sale of artworks, or assist members with finding gallery representation.


Our Process

When we receive a request for commercial use of your artwork, we gather all of the pertinent details, and bring them directly to you with our fee recommendation. You then make a decision on approval.

For editorial uses, ARS collects the highest rates possible for our member artists based upon industry standards and budgets.

We understand that every artist works differently, and are therefore open to customizing the process to suit your individual needs.




To contact us about membership, please complete the below form. For published illustrators interested in Collective Secondary Rights, please find more information here.

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